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Water Conservation Plan

This Water Conservation Plan has been created for the purpose of providing a framework to deal with drought or any other phenomena that diminishes or interrupts the normal supply of water and water levels in Bear Creek and Evergreen Lake.


The Mission of this Plan is to provide guidance and operational imperatives to the Board which will facilitate a quicker and more comprehensive response to any interruption of the Evergreen Metropolitan District ("EMD") water supply.

Water Shortage from Low Bear Creek Flow and Emergency Response

Drought responses to water shortages on Bear Creek will be categorized into three conditions. The responses will be based on two flow monitoring devices, which monitor and record the water flow in Bear Creek at two locations. One gauge is on Bear Creek prior to Evergreen Lake, and the other gauge is on Bear Creek prior to the town of Morrison.

The Drought Responses are as follows:

  • Minor Drought -- Response Level #1
  • Drought -- Response Level #2
  • Severe Drought -- Response Level #3

Winter Drought

A winter drought is not foreseen due to the low water usage from customers on the water system during that season. Without irrigation, the Districtís maximum base use for customers at the 6500 tap number would be between 250 and 300 gallons per day. This usage would equate to between 2.5 and 3.0 cfs during the winter. Only once in the last 80 years of data on Bear Creek has the flow reached a low of 4.0 cfs in the winter. Therefore a winter drought is not anticipated utilizing the maximum tap number of 6500.

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